2011 Aleksander Boozehoundz Review

July 13, 2015

BOOZEHOUNDZ -- Michael Cervin

2011 Aleksander, Paso Robles — For a children’s story, wine doesn’t make a good central character or theme. Kids’ books are better suited to things like James and the Giant Peach, not Mike and the Mammoth Merlot. But as a story, S&G Estate has a good one. Owners Goran and Ksenija Bjekovic first met while playing volleyball for Yugoslavia’s national team. Their son, Sasha Vujacic, two-time NBA Champion and former Lakers star, began his athletic career in Italy where Goran and Ksenija also began a love affair with wine. And now from their property in Paso Robles comes this Bordeaux beauty; as sleek and focused as an athlete but not a steroid driven maniac. The 2011 Aleksander is 80 percent Merlot and 20 percent Cabernet Sauvignon. This luscious wine spent18 months sitting in French, Serbian and Romanian oak barrels. It’s as smooth as silk with notes of black cherry, rhubarb, black berry and boysenberry, a proper acidity you don’t often get from Merlot and spicy cedar and vanilla. Paso wants to be known for it’s Bordeaux wines, and some are quite good, but they tend to be huge ripe fruit wines, which actually have a difficult time working with food. The Aleksander by contrast is a seamless wine, certainly one of the best I’ve had from Paso in a long time, beautifully balanced and ideal with food. So get a bottle, and tell your own story with it.  91/100 Points

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