Our Story

Goran Bjekovic and his family came to California by way
of Italy, developing a love for a healthy Mediterranean lifestyle
along the way. But their devotion to a healthy way of
life started long before they moved to Italy from their native
Slovenia. Goran, his wife Ksenija and daughter Nina all
played volleyball growing up (Goran and Ksenija played for
the Yugoslavia national team). Stepson Sasha excelled at
basketball, playing in Italy and then getting drafted by the
Los Angeles Lakers, which convinced the family to accompany
him to Los Angeles.

While in the historically white wine region of Friuli, Italy
for four years, Goran fell in love with a rich red wine from
Livio Felluga, and he continued to enjoy plenty of Bordeaux
reds. When he arrived in California, he and Ksenija began
searching for a property for the family to grow grapes and
make wine.

While Sasha helped the Los Angeles Lakers to two national
championships and Nina and Aljosa attended school, Goran
and Ksenija found the perfect 30 acres just southeast of
Paso Robles. In addition to wine grapes, mature Mission
olive trees reminded everyone of Italy and Goran knew he
would soon become an olive oil producer, as well.
“We love the Mediterranean lifestyle,” he says. “Healthy
wine and food, staying active and in shape…it’s very important
to everyone in my family.”

The first vintage for Aleksander wines was 2010. A small
winery was completed on the property in 2014, along with a
state-of-the-art (albeit tiny) olive mill. Sasha is still playing
basketball professionally, currently for New York Knicks ,NBA. Ksenija and
Goran recently moved to the Paso Robles property full time,
Nina recently earned her MD from UCLA in June 2016 and Aljosa graduated from University of Redlands in May 2016, where he played basketball
with the same passion as his older brother. To be continued....