Our Journey

We believe that a family’s bond is the strongest bond of all. As our family made the journey to Los Angeles, we inherited a passion for wine and crafted it into a love that has become a treasured family business.

Our journey began in Slovenia, a country recognized in the wine industry for its distinctive ability to produce quality wines of all kinds. In Slovenia, Goran and his wife Ksenija played volleyball professionally, while their eldest son, Aleksander ‘Sasha’ was beginning his basketball career. With a plan to eventually leave Slovenia in search of better opportunities, the family moved to Italy, where Sasha signed a professional contract at the young age of 15. When the family made its move to Friuli Venezia Giulia, Goran felt inspired with the rich, fruity wines of Livio Felluga, among others. As Goran continued to cultivate his passion, he began sharing it with Sasha. Together they hoped to one day make a wine of their own.

In 2009, while Sasha was helping the Lakers to what would become a championship season, Goran and Ksenija focused their time on finding the perfect piece of land where the family would establish their very own winery. After finding what is now S&G Estate, the whole family joined efforts to create a World-class wine. Thus, Aleksander is far more than a perfectly balanced Bordeaux blend – it is the accumulation of an endearing passion and collective family commitment to establish an everlasting tradition.