Aleksander Collector's Club

In our own distinct ways, we are all collectors of moments, memories, and stories. The Aleksander Collector’s Club is a curated experience for wine lovers who recognize the authentic value of each bottle of Aleksander — its character, composition, journey and story. The Collector’s Club aims to provide members with the unique opportunity to celebrate the hi(story) of Aleksander through a customized approach.


Spring 2021 Shipment (current)


3 x 2017 Aleksander
2 x 2015 Aleksander Reserve
1 x 2012 Aleksander *Library Wine*

Fall 2021 Shipment (December 2021)


3 x 2017 Aleksander Reserve
1 x 2014 Aleksander Reserve
1 x 2013 Aleksander Reserve
1 x 2010 Aleksander *Library Wine*



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